The benefits of ONEcleaner enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents that lubricate are that they clean faster, clean more effectively, and clean with lower reprocessing cleaning costs.

The detergent, enzymes and lubricant work together during every treatment cycle to maximize the quality and speed of cleaning. When a high concentration of surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzymes is used, your surgical instruments will look newer, perform better, and last longer. The surface cleaning surfactant detergents aggressively clean the surface of surgical instruments while the four enzymes, (lipase enzymes, amylase enzymes, carbohydrase enzymes, and protease enzymes), rapidly break down all forms of bioburden and, with the free rinsing detergents, rinse clean for a residue free surgical instrument. Surgical instrument detergent lubricating enzymes improve turnaround times for: soaking, hand washing, and automated cleaning.

ONEcleaner Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners are packaged as:
0225-23 FOAM-it pre wash soaking Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners,
0225-1 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 4 gallons with 1 pump,
0225-5 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 5 gallons,
0225-15 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 15 gallons,
0225-30 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 30 gallons, and
0225-55 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 55 gallons.

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Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners and four enzyme endoscope cleaners boost cleaning power. Lubricating with enzyme surgical instrument cleaners while cleaning speeds the cleaning process and renders the highest quality cleaning outcomes.

Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners Enzyme Surgical Instrument and Endoscope Cleaners boost reprocessing productivity.
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