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    Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners
    Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners
    Tabletop Sterilizers
    Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners
    Height Ajustable Tables
    Surgical Instrument Cleaners
    endoscope cleaning sponges
    The ONEcleaner Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners and enzyme endoscope cleaners boost cleaning power.

    ONEcleaner surgical instrument four enzyme detergents speed the cleaning process and render the highest quality cleaning process outcomes. Stains and spots on surgical stainless steel instruments are frequently see as rust. These stains are usually the result of the surgical instrument being exposed to a cleaning solution that is not neutral ph. The rust spots will lead to the pitting of the surgical instrument surface if not removed. Excessively hard water can contain high levels of salt sufficient to cause stains or spots that appear as rust. Boilers used to generate the steam for steam sterilizers, if not cleaned properly, will produce contaminated steam which can deposit minerals onto instruments. The ONEcleaner detergent enzyme surgical instrument cleaners contain a water softener that softens hard water that contain high mineral levels. This will avoid the mineral encrustation and the rust spots that lead to the pitting of the surgical instruments. ONEcleaner surfactant detergent enzyme surgical instrument cleaners, enzymatic endoscope cleaning sponges, and surface cleaning detergent enzyme endoscope cleaners.

    Customer Service: 1-509-981-1553 email: [email protected]
    Technical Support: 1-509-747-5027 email: [email protected]

    Lubricating with enzyme surgical instrument cleaners speed the cleaning process and render the highest quality cleaning process outcomes.