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    The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaners are designed to deliver all of the ingredients necessary for thoroughly cleaning and maintaining surgical instrument stainless steel. ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaners deliver four enzymes (protease, amylase, lipase, and carbohydrase) break down all forms of bioburden, including  blood, carbohydrates, protein, polysaccharides, fats, starches, oils, uric acid and other nitrogenous compounds. Surfactant chemical detergents thoroughly clean to the surface of surgical instruments, and enhance the stainless steel passive layer for extended protection against corrosion, pitting and stains. Surfactant detergent cleaning agents and rust inhibitors remove surgical instrument stains, and mineral encrustation. Buy ONEcleaner medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaners, pre-filled endoscope cleaning sponges, and detergent enzyme endoscope cleaners.

    Customer Service: 1-509-981-1553 email: [email protected]
    Technical Support: 1-509-747-5027 email: [email protected]

    The ONEcleaner is the ultimate Medical Surgical Instrument Cleaner and the most powerful medical surgical instrument cleaner in Healthcare. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaner is designed to deliver effective cleaning of surgical instrument stainless steel. The manufacturers of surgical instruments recommend using neutral pH surgical instrument cleaners becasue this offers a longer life for surgical stainless steel instruments. Surgical instrument cleaning detergents, enzyme cleaners, detergents amd lubricants with a high or low pH have been shown to erode the protective passive layer. Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners and four enzyme endoscope cleaners boost cleaning power. Lubricating with surgical instrument cleaners while cleaning speeds the cleaning process and renders the highest quality cleaning outcomes.