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    The ONEcleaner Enzymatic Surgical Instrument Cleaners deliver: protease, amylase, carbohydrase, and lipase enzyme cleaners, detergent surfactant cleaners, lubricants, and water soluble surface conditioners that strengthen the chromium passive layer of stainless steel.

    The ONEcleaner enzyme surgical instrument cleaners are designed for use as: manual surgical instrument endoscope cleaning solutions, ultrasonic surgical instrument endoscope cleaning solutions, and surgical instrument washer disinfector concentrates. The enzymatic neutral pH surgical instrument detergent lubricants clean faster and residue free. The benefits of enzyme surgical instrument cleaner detergents that lubricate are that they clean faster, clean more effectively, and clean with lower cleaning costs.

    ONEcleaner Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners are packaged as:
    0225-23 FOAM-it pre wash soaking Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners,
    0225-1 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 4 gallons with 1 pump,
    0225-5 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 5 gallons,
    0225-15 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 15 gallons,
    0225-30 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 30 gallons, and
    0225-55 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 55 gallons.

    Customer Service: 1-509-981-1553 email: [email protected]
    Technical Support: 1-509-747-5027 email: [email protected]

    Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners and four enzyme endoscope cleaners boost cleaning power. Lubricating with enzyme surgical instrument cleaners while cleaning speeds the cleaning process and renders the highest quality cleaning outcomes.