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    The ONEcleaner Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners are cost effective and improve surgical instrument cleaning process outcomes.

    Effective cleaning is the prerequisite for disinfecting or sterilizing surgical instruments, utensils, and scopes. The ONEcleaner medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaners, in combination with surface cleaning detergents, have been shown to be effective in removing stains, hard water deposits, and encrusted bioburden, while being safe to use for rigid and flexible scopes. ONEcleaner medical enzyme surgical instrument cleaners, pre-filled endoscope cleaning sponges, and detergent enzyme endoscope cleaners boost reporcessing productivity.

    Customer Service: 1-509-981-1553 email: [email protected]
    Technical Support: 1-509-747-5027 email: [email protected]

    ONEcleaner Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners are packaged as:
    0225-23 FOAM-it pre wash soaking Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners,
    0225-1 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 4 gallons with 1 pump,
    0225-5 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 5 gallons,
    0225-15 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 15 gallons,
    0225-30 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 30 gallons, and
    0225-55 Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners, 55 gallons.

    The ONEcleaner enzyme surgical instrument cleaners are clinically and financially effective. Manufacturers of surgical instrument usually recommend that The higher the proportion of enzymes the higher the efficacy. If the cleaning solution becomes laden with bioburden from previous cleaning, the efficacy of the enzyme cleaning concentrates is lower. The ONEcleaner surgical instrument cleaner includes a bacteriostatic agent which will inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The cleaning function efficacy of enzyme surgical instrument cleaners is determined by the ratio of enzymes to bioburden. The optimal temperatures for cleaning surgical instruments to deactivate prions have been studied for surgical instrument cleaners and ultrasonic cleaner solutions. Enzyme cleaning concentrates function most effectively at temperatures of approximately 135 F.

    ONEcleaners boost productivity
    Enzyme Surgical Instrument Cleaners